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Who doesn’t want free leads? With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that’s ultimately what you can expect. It comes down to pleasing the Google crawler algorithms along with creating the right website environment that keeps your visitors happy.


Because it’s the most powerful search engine and has the most complex set of algorithms. Google’s goal is to be the best search engine, delivering the most relevant results to searchers time and time again. And, they’re nailing it, which pleasing Google is a complex endurance game that our SEO services team loves to play.


Organic search results gain more than a 14% conversion rate. By comparison, traditional search engine marketing tactics, including direct mail and print ads have less than a 2% conversion rate. This tells us that people trust the results that Google gives them and spends their time, money and effort with the businesses that Google recommends.


If you’re just starting out or if your business is established, you should be thinking about SEO. SEO is all about keywords, and keywords provide the key to what people want and how they ask for it. Our SEO services experts can create an SEO starting point for your new business, or if you’re established and fit our moral criteria we can create and manage a comprehensive SEO strategy with measurable results.


We start by analysing where your leads are already coming from and look for potential new keywords to strategically target. Then, we combine the best ‘under the hood’ tactics with SEO copywriting, trustworthy backlinks and comprehensive monthly ranking and KPI reporting. As Google learns the changes we’ve made, your website Google rankings will improve.


Your success is our success, and our SEO services team works to get results. SEO is a long-term game with powerful results that we don’t take lightly. For us to make an impact for your business with our full SEO stack we need you to be:

  • Well-established;
  • Active in search engine marketing and doing business; and,
  • Be ethical.

Because there’s no such thing as carving out more market share if you don’t already have some of it you need to already have a business presence. We also care about what we’re promoting so to access our full SEO services team your product or service must truly help people, and your business must have a solid reputation.

If you’re up to jumping these hoops then we’re geared to get you shooting up the rankings.


SEO is a multifaceted game, whether you’re looking for local SEO, or to rank internationally. Our SEO services team knows SEO inside out. We comb through every page, image, link and alt-text, and ensure everything is on-point to improve your Google rankings.

On-Page SEO.

Our SEO agency is thorough. We take the time to meticulously comb through every heading, description, image and page URL to ensure your sending the right messages to Google. We fix redirection errors and enhance page speeds and ensure mobile optimisation to demonstrate the amazing under experience that’s favoured by Google.

Relevant, trustworthy backlink procurement.

The most coveted area of SEO is backlinking. Google values your website based on who you link to, but more so on who is linking to you. If a powerful and trustworthy website links to you, that’s the most powerful recommendation you can have. However, not all backlinks are created equal, and choosing the wrong ones can have a negative impact. We strategise where and how you can gain trustworthy, quality backlinks, and go about creating those for your website.

Monthly ranking & KPI reports

Our SEO agency is proud to report progress. We know you’ll be gaining better rankings and we ensure you know exactly where you’re improving. As your dedicated SEO services team, we’ll provide monthly ranking updates and KPI reports that include just how profitable your organic traffic is to your business.

Local SEO


Despite the growing online world, we can’t ignore the need for local services. If you’re looking to increase your local SEO ranking, we have all of the tools in our bag. It starts by ensuring Google knows you exist, then optimising your website for local search results.

If your business is new or in the early stages of local SEO, we can ensure you’re set up correctly. However, for a new business, the most powerful tool in our bag for you is paid search. Our team of PPC experts are on hand to gain leads, market share and a great return on investment for you.

APEX Digital Agency


SEO is a long hard game, and it’s a game of optimisation that takes time. In saying this, we know what needs to be done, and where your business needs to be before we can optimise. After all, optimising is making something better. So, we only take on SEO clients that are already active online, active in business and actively turning a profit.

An SEO agency is also the power of free leads, massive market share and credibility. The kind of power that superheroes are trying to stop supervillains from trying to get. We’re not quite superheroes, but we are offering the APEX of SEO services. We know the power that free leads can give your business, so we’re not about to help questionable businesses with our SEO services.

If you don’t meet our SEO requirements and still want a money machine, then ask our team of PPC experts about how to gain leads, market share and a great return on investment.



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apex digital clients apex digital clients apex digital clients

Mark Otto - Arozon Cleaning

five stars apex

Apex Digital Marketing is a highly knowledgeable and professional team who proactively managed my campaigns for the last 1 year. I chose to engage them for my digital marketing as I found them trustworthy and responsive to my needs. Their level of communication and reporting is outstanding

Ande Andrea NYC - Andeandrea.com

five stars apex

The team at Apex are sensational. The experience so far has been great. I have tried various agencies in the past but these guys have really over delivered, couldn't be happier. The results that we have had so far with SEO and business building have been amazing.

Danica Vucic - Airsmart

five stars apex

It's great to finally find an SEO company I can trust, so many in the past did not produce results. These guys look at every avenue in building a business up in search rankings. They even completely redesigned my website and developed it to make it more attractive to customers

Maddy Kodjamanis

five stars apex

I had some major problems with my existing website provider and Apex Digital came to my rescue! They were a pleasure to deal with and did exactly what they said they would. I have no hesitation in recommending these guys.

Timothy Etheridge - Bulb Eater Australia

five stars apex

If I had seen these reviews before I made my decision, it would not have taken so long to decide. Jon B. was very persuasive and when he arranged for Francesca to build a clean skin site, he said she would do it well. She did. I asked her to work from MS Word copy and some images. She followed my structure and gave it great visual engagement. She listens and she responds. A very good web build experience.

Threshold Environmental Services

five stars apex

I have found the staff at Apex Digital to be very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Their SEO team have worked hard over the last several months to land my company on the first page in a highly competitive industry.

Craig Meagher

five stars apex

I an now receiving a lot more phone calls and web enquiries thanks to the great work Apex Digital Marketing are doing for my business. As a tradesman I don't completely understand how they are doing it but it is working and has greatly benefited my business. Cheers for the great Work - JC Bathroom Renovations Pty Ltd

Tim Brooker

five stars apex

Neil, Francesca, Josh and Andy have doggedly plugged away at getting our website showing on Page 1 using keywords people are searching for. The entire SEO process is complete alchemy to me. It nice to be able to put it in the hands of professionals.

Mike Mikic

five stars apex

SEO problems, SOLVED! My business had been pushing to new limits with this amazing team. They are easy to work with, actually care about what your business does and your well being. Its an absolute pleasure being their customer and I am sure more businesses will benefit from their marketing experties.

Peter Warren

five stars apex

they do top work Help me out a lot work load doing lot better

David k

five stars apex

Before engaging Apex Digital to help our online presence, over the years we had tried many strategies to rank well for a mixture of easy to very difficult keywords with only marginal success. We had tried everything from freelancers, overseas outsourcing and big name Digital marketing firms with little to no results and even going backwards at times, the only thing that was constant was their first priority was getting paid, not their clients success. Apex were willing to put in the hard work, our rankings have improved significantly and inquiries are through the roof. We couldn’t be happier

Andrea Evers - Wenatex

five stars apex

We've been dealing with Apex Digital for about 12 months now and have had only positive experiences! It can be difficult to find a good agency as some tell you how fantastic they are but when it comes down to it they don't get results. At Apex Digital we've seen definite results from their work. Olga and Jess manage the SEO side of things and are not only a pleasure to deal with but the work they've done has had a positive effect on our business. They listen and understand our business and needs. We've recently also worked with Francesca to develop a new website and it's again been such a positive experience. The whole process has been smooth and trouble free, our questions are answered promptly and her design and coding skills are exceptional. We're extremely happy with what Francesca has designed for us. I recommend Apex Digital to any business who is looking for an agency that is humble, hard working and achieves results.

Benjamin Knapp

five stars apex

When I first came to Apex, they suggested that I get a new website due to the fact mine was not easy on the eyes and might not convert very well. Although I was very skeptical they were just trying to sell me a website, the deal they offered was very reasonable! Not only did Francesca design me a stunning website! The rankings then started to go up almost instantly, and within a week I was getting more calls and conversions. I am so happy with my site, and so happy with the results I have been getting with Olga. Thanks so much guys, really appreciate it.

Dan Fletcher - Cypress Electrical

five stars apex

thanks so much to the team at apex. you've really done an amazing job and turned around my website in record time. I would recommend you to anyone and appreciate your communication, professionalism, and value for money. cheers!

Allan Burge - Equipment Services

five stars apex

Very good to deal with. Able to put forward ideas and will also listen to requests. Thank you Neil and the team

Active Hire

five stars apex

Highly effective and professional team providing an ROI. We have been in business 39 years and with Apex's assistance, we are constantly finding and attracting new clients - perfect!!

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