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Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, the average person spends about a quarter of their waking time online. That also means, that nearly every business has an audience that uses the internet regularly. And this is where Digital Marketing comes into play. The purpose is to connect you with your target audience online to drive valuable conversions for your business. And the best thing is, digital marketing is so versatile that strategies can be adjusted to suit every business and their goals!

Along with digital marketing come several advantages for your business! First of all, the main goal of digital marketing is to attract more qualified visitors to your website. By using the right combination of strategies, we provide a great user experience on your website which results in more conversions for your business. Another benefit is that an effective digital strategy will help to create a cohesive brand message and therefore supports your traditional marketing. When comparing digital marketing to traditional marketing strategies, the biggest advantage is flexibility. Digital allows you to make changes and adjust strategies at any point in the campaign. Additionally, digital campaigns are very easy to track! Digital marketing tools like tracking pixels, for instance, make it possible to tie conversions directly to specific campaigns. Like that, we can see the user’s actions and can set up remarketing campaigns according to the given information.

Basically, a digital marketing strategy is a plan we make to help you reach your business goals. But first of all, we need to know what you want to achieve. Once we get a clear understanding of your business and where you want to take it, we will decide which tactics are the best way to go. When defining your business goals, one main aspect is thinking about your target audience. That helps us adjusting our tactics accordingly. Let’s say you are trying to reach a fairly young audience between 18-30, a social media campaign using Snapchat and Instagram will probably work in your favour. However, if your service or product is mostly targeting middle-aged people, Facebook and LinkedIn might be a better fit for your campaign. Another important factor is thinking about your business priorities, so we can make sure the tactics we choose align with your objectives. If you want to raise brand awareness, SEO would be a great tactic to show your service or product to more customers and create more traffic to your website. If you are already getting enough traffic but users are not converting on your website, UX testing is probably more valuable to you.

We believe that the real secret behind the success of digital marketing is optimising your campaigns to continuously create better results. When we say optimising, we mean constantly adjusting our strategy to the rapid changes of the digital world as well as staying on top of current trends in your industry. At Apex, all of our campaigns are actively monitored. Like that, we can react to sudden changes straight away and adjust the focus of the campaign to what is working best for your business. Finding the perfect strategy for each individual business right from the start is nearly impossible, but through constant work and improvement, these campaigns are the ones that perform the best in the end!

The truth is, no one knows. While PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing creates results almost immediately, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) requires more patience. But since the traffic is organic, SEO is completely free and persistence will pay off in the end. Depending on many different factors, like previous SEO work on the website, the industry of the business and your main competitors. For instance, the time takes you actually rank high in Google can vary and is different from business to business. Some people see first results within just a few weeks, however, 3-5 months are a more realistic time frame when it comes to meeting traffic and conversion objectives.

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